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Goodbye cash.
Hello Savii Card!

A spending card & banking app for anyone aged 13+

No account fees, no minimum balances

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Take control

It's your money - save and spend it how you want!

Say goodbye to cash

Use your Savii card to pay online or in-store, anywhere where Visa is accepted.

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Earn money

Share your unique link with friends & earn $$ through our referral program!

We do banking. Differently.

savii debit card

Visa spending card

Online or instore, you can use your Savii card everywhere Visa is accepted.

money wallet spending card

Send and receive $$

Ping money to your Savii friends instantly and get your allowance paid directly into your account.

bahraini dinar spending tracker

Stash your cash

Keep savings separate from your main balance and round-up spending to watch your money grow!
(round-up coming soon)

Order your Savii card today!

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